Weekly News 16/7-22/7

-(Inquirer 18/7) Chinese newspaper slams PH, Vietnam for running to US for help: One of China’s top newspapers has assailed the Philippines and Vietnam for their alleged “attempt to grab islands and waters; (Atimes 18/7) Sea of trouble for ASEAN
-(Abs-cbnnews 17/7) China forming Spratlys government: China has started forming the backbone of a local government that will rule over the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea; (Thediplomat 17/7) America’s ‘Rebalance’ Finds its Footing
-(Thenational 17/7) Beijing plays divide and conquer to win in South China Sea: Absent a diplomatic solution, China can only expect confrontations with the Philippines and Vietnam over fishing and natural resource exploration to continue and escalate; (Abs-cbnnews 17/7)Philippines warns China fishermen to stay away
-(FP 16/7) South China Sea issue divides Asean: For an organisation that chose “One Community, One Destiny” as the banner for its latest summit, Asean could not have imagined a more embarrassing outcome; (Nbr 16/7) ASEAN and the South China Sea: Deepening Divisions
-(Channelnewsasia 16/7) US Pacific chief affirms commitment to Philippines: The head of US forces in the Pacific reaffirmed American commitment to support the Philippines Monday, amid the country’s continuing territorial dispute with China; (Xinhua 16/7) China manned sub may dive in South China Sea 2013
-(Eurasiareview 16/7) South China Sea Dispute Rocks ASEAN: In one of the most embarrassing moments in its four-decade history, ASEAN ended its annual talks in Cambodia this week without issuing its traditional joint statement; (Radioaustralia 16/7) South China Sea negotiations damage ASEAN’s reputation
-(Globalresearch 16/7) ASEAN summit breaks up amid feuding over South China Sea: The lack of agreement at this week’s ASEAN summit is just the latest indication that the Obama administration’s strategy is recklessly inflaming regional tensions and thus the danger of military conflict; (Nationmultimedia 16/7) Key players holding Asean hostage!
-(Inquirer 15/7) Taiwan mulls extending runway in Spratlys – report: If approved, the project would extend by 500 meters (1,640 feet) the runway on Taiping Island, (Lowyinterpreter 16/7) Hope aground in South China Sea
-(Hindustantimes 15/7) Vietnam prefers Indian presence in South China Sea: Vietnam has decided to extend the contract for exploration of hydrocarbons in a crucial oil block in the region to ONGC Videsh Ltd; (Reuters 15/7 ) China frigate heads home, averts South China Sea standoff


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