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[Tutorial] Send/Receive Mail Using SMTP/POP3 In C #

Xây dựng lớp SMTP – dùng để gửi mail 1. Các thuộc tính cần có của một bức thư (mail): – Danh sách người nhận. // Danh sách người nhận private string[] _DanhSachNguoiNhan; public string[] DanhSachNguoiNhan { get { return _DanhSachNguoiNhan; } set { _DanhSachNguoiNhan = value; } } Danh sách Bcc. // Danh sách … Continue reading

Polymorphism C#

This lesson teaches about Polymorphism in C#. Our objectives are as follows: Learn What Polymorphism Is. Implement a Virtual Method. Override a Virtual Method. Use Polymorphism in a Program. Another primary concept of object-oriented programming is Polymorphism. It allows you to invoke derived class methods through a base class reference during run-time. This is handy … Continue reading

Class Inheritance C#

This lesson teaches about C# Inheritance. Our objectives are as follows: Implement Base Classes. Implement Derived Classes. Initialize Base Classes from Derived Classes. Learn How to Call Base Class Members. Learn How to Hide Base Class Members. Inheritance is one of the primary concepts of object-oriented programming. It allows you to reuse existing code. Through … Continue reading

Introduction to Classes In C#

This lesson introduces you to C# Classes. Our objectives are as follows: Implement Constructors. Know the difference between instance and static members. Understand Destructors. Familiarization with Class Members. Since the beginning of this tutorial, you have been using classes. By now, you should have a sense of what a class is for and how to specify one. This lesson … Continue reading